Hakodate’s morning market 函館朝市. On the breakfast menu: fresh hanasaki crab 花咲かに (summer only), hairy crab and long leg monster crab.

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The guy who helped me opening the hanasaki crab has mad skills. He cut the spikey shell into easily edible bites within 2min. **Don’t try this at home without a heavy duty glove. Those spikes can really hurt.

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This one was the hairy crab. I was clearly too busy eating and forgot to take a photo when it was still whole. After that wake up call, kick start the day by fishing my own squid (いか). Yes, I really shouldn’t toy with my food, but hey, that’s what they offered in the morning market. Quite a thrill actually. Watch out for the ink, they are not friendly/cuddly when they’re ‘running’ for their lives.

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Completed the breakfast with squid ink flavoured ice cream by the Hokkaido farm store 北海道ファーム (this is also in the morning market).

3N5A1080 IMG_3695

Awesome Hakodate breakfast!

How to get here?

函館朝市 Hakodate’s morning market is 5min walk from the Hakodate JR train station.

http://www.hakodate-asaichi.com/  ==> Japanese only on the official site. The important part is that they are opened everyday between 6:00 to 12:00 JAN-APR and 5:00 to 12:00 for the rest of the months.

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