Month: September 2015

Japan, Kyushu, Travel

Flying noodle – Miyazaki, Japan

This is a follow up of my previous post, ‘Takachiho, where Japanese myths were born… 高千穂、宮崎’ Right next to the Takachiho Gorge there were some intriguing food stalls. At this place, ‘you snooze or you lose’ had a new meaning. That’s right, the noodle floated along the bamboo, but not […]

Japan, Kyushu, Travel

A day in Nagasaki, Japan

Typhoon? Nothing stops me, I had an indestructible jacket. Nagasaki doesn’t feel very Japan really. Walk around the streets 1 block from the harbour and there were Dutch, Chinese and British colonial building (even an HSBC!). Well it is reasonable given that it is the first window to the world for Japan. Even the road […]