This post’s goal is to share some tips on how to enjoy the park more efficiently. This post deals with the Disneyland Paris ONLY. Yes, in case you are not aware, I am a Disneyland fan. With the exception of Disneyland Shanghai, I have been to all the Disneys around the world. Each Disney has its quirks 😉 I am considerably calmer these days and have stopped doing the pin swap and ears thing. Still have the autograph thing in me though 😛

On this beautiful summer’s day, I’ve decided to write about boring admin stuff, namely: how to renew HK passport in Paris. My passport was about to expire (well anything less than 6 months is not accepted by most countries), so here’s my experience with the Chinese Consulate in Paris. My main struggle was finding a way to pay the Hong Kong administration; no HK bank account and don’t want to bother friends in HK. Please note that this post is an experience sharing, it is not meant for legal advise.