Bungalow in Le Gosier area! Air conditioner, wifi, full kitchen (stove and oven) and a veranda that comes with a hammock. What else can I ask for?

It is a 48 sqm wooden house for me and hubby. It can fit in a 3rd bed easily (need to tell the host in advance though).

I forgot to hang the hammock up for this pic, ops.

My favourite feature of this place?

  1. Hammock
  2. Oven
  3. Veranda with a roof

Honorary mention: air conditioner LOL although I prefer using the fan.



Well, my top 2 are self explanatory. The keyword to my number 3 is ROOF. Sudden storm is a common occurrence in Guadeloupe. You have no idea how much I appreciate the roof. Imagine having dinner outside and it started to rain like cats and dogs.



Nearby activities:

  • 10min drive – <La Plage de la Datcha> This beach features ultra fine sand (see IG story with the ant sliding off the sand) and many fitspo locals. I do mean fitspo… you have no idea how many 6 packs I’ve encountered there. People were literately swimming from Datch to Ile du Gosier. 500m sort of swim? WARNING: it’s against the current. Anyways, the point is, the locals there are just statement of fitness.
  • 15min drive – <Aquarium of Guadeloupe>. The aquarium have recently completed its makeover and reopened late 2018. No aquarium for you? Well, it is next to the marina. The area is full of trendy restaurants.
  • 20min drive – <La Plage de le petit-havre> Great for surfing. Shallow for a 50m, easy for kids. It is also a starting point for a moderately difficult hike from Le Petit-Havre to Les Salines called <Littoral Gosier>. Supposed to be a 3 hours’ hike. It took me a lot longer *LOL*.


I do not recommend visiting Guadeloupe if you cannot drive or have no access to a private car. There is no reliable public transport.



Le Gosier, Grande Terre, Guadeloupe.

Airbnb bungalow – https://www.airbnb.com/users/133577453/listings

Disclosure: Unit belongs to a family member. I did not pay for my stay.

Video clips: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Photos:  Canon 5D mark 3Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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