Hello Sunday! Time to unbox! I received this yesterday, but I was too flabbergasted to write this post. Let’s take a look at why I’m rather pissed.my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5155With this theme, I am thinking perhaps something to do with wine, smokey eye, glitter and goodness.my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5157.JPGThe graphic card by Kanako is promising. I’m a big fan of her style. The goodness pretty much stops here.

Too bad, first item is straight to the bin it goes.
Inspo cards. Some classic Friday night feeling lyrics and drinks recipe. High quality perforated card. I am not feeling it. It can be just me?

Up next, I am hoping for some lifestyle goodies excitement…my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5162.JPGThe cork coasters are cute. I do like the colour scheme. Plus I don’t have any coaster home. Finally, some happiness from this box.my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5172.JPGAlright, what the hell am I supposed to do with this bow? They recommend to put in on the back strap of a dress. The quality doesn’t look bad or anything, it just that it is useless?my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5166.JPGThe golden hair pin is nice. Feels solid and it hold onto my fro.my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5165.JPGSo that’s it for the lifestyle products. Needless to say, I’m not feeling it.my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5173.JPGYey, new print for the sash bag. Let’s unleash the bag~~

  • My Little Beauty All Black kohl eye pencil
  • Nailmatic nail polish 8ml Romance
  • Rochas Mademoiselle eau de parfum 4.5ml

All beauty products are made in France


MLB All Black kohl pencil is super soft and blendable. Doesn’t feel waterproof. Not the blackest, it’s a blue-ish grey sort of number. Good for smokey eye, bad for any clean look. I do appreciate the sponge tip for smudging. Not for tight line unless you’re into the hang over look.


This is the second pink / nude-ish nail polish this year. It is only May. I haven’t even tried this. I am just not excited at all. How is this natural looking pink related to Friday Night? MLB thinks that I’m a wall flower? Okay, I am feeling aggressive, but you get me, right?


Mademoiselle by Rochas is a girly sweet floral fragrance. Not for me. I can handle Bvlgari Pour Femme sweet, but not this sort of floral girliness.my-little-box-may-2017-france-mylittlefridaynightbox-5179.JPGIf you’re curious about the UK version, hop over to Rachael’s. Rachael is an UK beauty/lifestyle blogger. Her blog is full of beautiful photography and inspiration.

We had an interesting tweeting session referring to the box.

update 13/5/2017 Rachael has received her box. Her post is now up.


Alright, this party is over. Thank you for putting up with my rant. How do you feel about the box?


For my past boxes click here.my-little-box-france-collection-english-4818

Where to get this box?


I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks.

Mine is the French MLB


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    • Yes, if it is the same, totally skip it.

      I pray for Rachael (UK version) that hers will be better than mine. The bar is really low at this point sigh

      You see my issue was, the one time that I did unsubscribe, they came up with that “my good night box“! That was a totally winner and it took me forever + hurdles to get my hands on that. It’s the love/hate relationship that I have with MLB.

  1. Hey, your pictures showed up on my WP feed with this post! 😀
    Those coasters are nice! I don’t own coasters, that’s how classy I am not.
    Actually, I’d use that bow to put onto a cardigan – it would look very ’50s.
    See, that kind of pin would slip right of my hair. My hair is heavy and slippery – no fro! 😛
    Hmm too bad about this box – all hype but didn’t deliver, that’s how I feel about this box!

    • That’s it! All hype and didn’t deliver! (so sad) Especially after that nofilter box. This box looks so sad.

      I never really understand why coasters are needed if I only use ikea furnitures these days 😛 cheers to class

      Bow on the cardi, that’s an idea. I’m about to finish knitting a grey melange jacket. I’ll try to pin that on 😉

      Okay, now I just envy you. My hair is a far cry from slippery. It is probably my fault as well. I use hair conditioner more often than body lotion; that’s all that I’m going to say.

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