This boat has a SLIDE!!! Say yes to sliding into your snorkel spot!!! Welcome aboard, Le Nautilus

le-nautilus-guadeloupe-glass-boat-review-0335.JPGThis joy ride was super enjoyable. The distance between the beach and the Cousteau reserve is pretty short. As in, you can physically kayak over 😀 (real).

By this boat, we reached the reserve in 5min.30min snorkel – all equipment are included in the standard tariff ** it was only EUR25!!! Cairns (Australia), you’re totally over priced.

Okay, if you don’t want to swim / snorkel at all. You can also see a load of corals & fishes at the bottom of the boat; reason why this was marketed as ‘glass boat’.

There’s a free drink on board. Choice was between a Planteur (STRONG rhum based fruity cocktail) or fruit juice. Perhaps this skewed my judgement 😛


  • I highly recommend the last ride of the day for the sunset and calmness (less people)
  • There are 4 – 8 departures a day.
  • You can combo purchase the whale watching boat ride to save EUR10 (Les Heures Saines). Can buy this combo ticket from the Malendure beach booth.le-nautilus-guadeloupe-glass-boat-review-0340

Where was I?

Le Nautilus

Plage de Malendure 97125 Bouillante, Guadeloupe

EUR25 per adult, 75-90min


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3

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    • Thank you for dropping by, Lai! 😀 You’re in the Philippines~~ I’m sure the snorkeling there is out of this world! You need to share some posts on that~~

  1. I hate swimming but I like the thrill of a water slide!
    I’m guessing you opted for the Planteur drink? 😆

    • O, we have some difference at last ???? I love swimming ???? hey, what else is a tourist supposed to drink? ????

  2. how funnnnnnnnnnn
    okay xo
    love the pic of you getting in the water
    happy almost APRIL – weekend xo

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