Month: January 2017

My Little Box France Nov 2016

Finally, I got my hands on this box! It was the only 2016 my little box that I did not subscribe because I was away that whole month. I was obsessing over that moonrise cleansing gel when I read Rachel’s post. When I received that promotional email in Jan, I bought it immediately. Time to unbox!

La Metairie de Kerozer Creperie, France

Food porn alert. Beautiful local food from the middle of no where. If you visit Vannes, be sure to check this place out. Found this place north of Vannes in Brittany. So worth the 15min drive to no where. Crazy talented husband and wife team (just the 2 of them). They only use local ingredients and that includes even their flour. AMAZING food and service.

Where to find cranes in Japan?

Red crown crane (tsuru 鶴) has been one of my favourite animal to watch. They’re such graceful creatures. These birds do roam around all over Japan, but the easiest stop will be Kushiro. Kushiro is a small town to the east of Hokkaido. No fast train from major towns, 4.5 hours from Sapporo.