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I have internet at home!!!! (update)

At last! I feel like this is an important announcement. I have waited 5 whole weeks for this to happen. It takes 2 appointments and 2 guys to fix this up. FINALLY!!!! I thought South Africa was bad, but France is right up there too. It felt as if I was supposed to have applied for internet around the same time as my immigration documents *LOL* Thank you all for your patience xox


Small update

I’ll be on a 5 weeks trip from 27/10 😀 Won’t tell you where yet, because I am not sure what I’m doing at the destination *LOL* spontaneous stuff 😛 Little Lai (beyond limit), I’ll look up to you for travel inspiration.



What did I do with myself sans internet? Knitting up a storm *LOL* Who would have guessed?


No need to tell you that I’m a fan, right? I ADORE their crazy sexy wool. So fluffy and soft 😀


My Little Box (France) October is missing!!!! This parcel has gone missing. I’ve already contacted MLB. Problem is that I’ll be away soon. So I may have to retract on my promise of posting this box within October.



Japan Funbox – This is my fault. I unsubscribed by mistake when I was changing address and payment details. This one was botched up by me. I surprised myself when both MLB and Japan Funbox both didn’t show up.japan-funbox-july-2016-japanese-snacks-9209



My travel posts are all random destinations every Friday as per norm. I guess no change there. I was sooooo lucky that I had some back up scheduled posts. Else my blog would have gone ‘cold turkey’ for 2 weeks.



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  1. So envious of your FIVE WEEK trip! 😮
    And your box of yarn is swoon worthy. I’m sensing you like knitting with BIG wool and knitting needles.
    Sorry to hear about your missing MLB subscription box – how annoying. Just look at them all lined up like that – what if you never get the October one and there’s a GAP! 😮
    And oops on the Japan Funbox…

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    • 😄 I’m so excited. Haven’t packed yet haha.

      Do you like knitting with big needles? I used to only knit with 8mm. Big needle is newish for me.

      Ja, I can only be embarrassed about the Japan Funbox 😌😥 that was a blunder on my part. Sigh.


  2. Have a great holiday Joyce. A week or so ago I posted on Nice and Monaco which you might like to read when you get a chance now that you are living in France.

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