Clue Quest was a live escape room ‘adventure’; aka locked up in a room for 60min. We signed up for the Operation Blacksheep. It was a save the world mission!! That evil professor Blacksheep was trying to take over the world!!! It was up to us to save mankind…

This was my first game ever, so I was kind of overly excited lol. We’re given a prep talk and a walkie talkie. The walkie talkie was there to help us e.g. if the operator could see that we’re clueless and offer us some subtle hints.

clue quest london-7998

Once inside the room, the pressure was on! Literately, work under the clock. Fabulous fun to solve puzzles, decode things and various team work stuff. My teammates were all French. So eventually, the game got a bit more international.


(57min later…)


After we saved the world and feeling like heros, it was time to scribble in their guestbook 😀 Their toilets were not working that day, so we were given magnets and lanyards.

clue quest london-8001


Clue Quest offered different missions. I picked operation Blacksheep because that was the only available slot left. Book in advance was key over there.


I really loved the experience! It was definitely more enticing than the usual London Eye, Tower of London sort of stuff. I will be back 😉 for a different quest~

clue quest london-8000

How to sign up for a game?

I won tickets from The Travel Hack’s giveaway. 😀 So that makes this experience a freebie.clue quest london-8011

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  1. Thank you for saving the world! 😀 We have these in Finland too but it is very expensive. Maybe I will try it if I find one when traveling 🙂

    • ???? thank you for reading. The ones in London is around £20 per person. I was very lucky to get this ticket from a lucky draw. Where are you heading next?

      • You have good luck! I’m going to cruise from Finland to Sweden with my family on Tuesday. After that I haven’t planned anything yet. What plans do you have? 🙂

        • Yes, you said that you are going to Stockholm. Soooo envious~~ I have zero plans lol. I handed in my passport for some papers, immobile for now ???? probably will do something near London like Brighton or Manchester ???? local travel

          • Local travel is travel too 🙂 Going to Stockholm is like local travel for me because it is so close but I still love going there. I hope you get your passport back soon! 😀

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