Sunny day in London and MLB June is here! This is my 8th box from My Little Box. Those who do not know about this box. This is a monthly subscription box. It delivers life style & luxe sample size beauty products. The original MLB was from Paris.

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8366

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8367

Let’s get right into it! Unboxing time!

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8369my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8371

The mini-magazine has some decent hair inspiration 😉

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8372.jpg

Up next… life style item of the month.

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8377100% cotton single jersey vest. Fabric is likely a 120gsm or less. This thing is one size fit all and feels very carded cotton. It is crazy large on me (I am a UK4/6); not loose fit, but like a kid wearing mom’s clothes huge. The brightly coloured print is demi-matt and soft to touch. Cute vest for summer, if only it fitted little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8380Ops, I forgot to add, the box includes a ice tea from Kusmi Tea *photo is at the end. I drank the thing and forgot to take an individual pic. The sachet is for a liter of iced tea! The flavour that I’ve got was hibiscus, berries and red fruits (Aqua Rosa). I’ll probably end up purchasing the full size for this little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8383Hang on, where is the twill sash pouch?!?!?!? I look forward to getting those pouches every month. For the December box (My little magic box), it had both the makeup cavas bag and the sash bag… Anyways, this jelly bag is quite cute. It is supposed to be a bikini bag.

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8382Beauty items of the month are:

  1. Ciate mini nail polish in chinchilla – 5ml (made in USA)
  2. Too Faced glitter shadow primer 5g (made in USA)
  3. My little beauty beach hair, sea salt spray – 95ml (made in France)

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8385

When I do wear nail polish, I wear various reds 90% of the time. So this Ciate blue number is a good testing colour for me. The only Ciate product that I’ve tried before was their cavier nails, which my hubby hated. LOL. He thought cavier nails was way strange.


The Too Faced glitter glue claims to lock down on glitter, shimmer, metallic eye shadows and enhance their reflective quality… making fallout a history. I don’t really understand the concept of these type of ‘primer’ products. It has bee wax, glycerin and titanium dioxide, so at the very least I can use it as a sunscreen? lol I have never bought anything from Too Faced before. I am happy to give it a try.


Seriously though, if the eye shadow itself has the correct formula, it should not fall out to start of with. It sounds pathetic that brands are selling ‘primers’ for fixing failed products AND try to get the consumers to buy more products at the same time. Needless to say, I cannot stand that type of sales stance. Did any pros pre-2010s use any primer? With all of that being said, I don’t hate Too Faced or its products in particular. It is more my general stance towards any primer category products.


Finally on the My Little Beauty Beach Hair. This is a curious product. It is suncreen for the hair. It also claim to help one achieve the surfer-girl hair. Hm… It smells like coconut water, a rather pleasant summer smell for the hair. For some odd reason, the smell reminds me of Guadalupe 😀 The product will do much better on fine hair though. It gives the hair body.My hair is super coarse and fizzy, so the effect is not apparent on my tresses. Seriously, volume is not what I need 😉

my little box june 2016 uk summer vibes-8386

Where to get this box?


What to expect from My Little Box? (based on my experience)

1 x magazine
1 x little fabric sash bag ==> this month is the first time that there’s no sash bag
Surprise item(s) in line with the month’s theme
2 x French brand beauty products ==> it used to be just French products and this is the 2nd box that contains English brand (confused)
1 x my little box’s in-house brand beauty product full size


**I bought this box myself.


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  1. Caviar nails ARE strange! I think the light blue colour is super cute!
    Too bad about that massive man-sized tank… I’m trying to think how you could even use it… nope, got nothin.
    That glitter glue is literally for cosmetic grade loose glitter. Which doesn’t stick on its own – you do need a sticky base like the glitter glue for it to adhere to the skin. But somehow I don’t see you as the glittery eyes type of gal! 😛

    • You are back to blogsphere? ???? ja, I know what you mean about glitter glue and loose cosmetic glitter. I just feel that this particular one isn’t sticky enough. The heavy bee wax, glycerin and silica combo didn’t convince me ???? feels very smooth though. Hm… About the glitter look, I may have to take up a special section in my blog to pick up that dare *lol*

  2. I was looking at the Too Faced Primer. More for lose glitters than anything. The nail polish is pretty and the fruity iced tea. Yum☺ x

    • It is not a sticky glue though. Perhaps you try this at the counter first? I don’t think it will work so well for loose glitter.

      • Oh really? I read it was good for sticking loose glitter on. I guess if it’s not sticky it’s no good for anything. There’s no counters near me. I’d love to see what it’s like in person x

        • Hm… it is thick and quick dry. Can feel the glycerin, but I really can’t feel ‘glue’. I don’t think it will stick loose glitter. It feels a lot more like a very thick formula primer.

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