We were a table of 12. It was instant magic, 12 people fitted into a 6 -8 seater.

Guess what KFC stands for? Korean Fried Chicken (LOL) no kidding.

The fried noodle was tasty but OILY of note.

The spicy rice cake was pretty good – mild sweet spicy sauce. Moderately chewy :9

Superstar BBQ London-3935
KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

Alright folks, their kimchi was for lighties. The flavour was VERY weak. It tasted like fresh cabbage ladden with sauce.

Their marinated meat were the winners. My favourite were:

Sesame & Garlic Sirloin

Chicken Boolgogi


The Kimchi soup was not bad. The base was a bit too thin for my liking. It was flavoursome though, but something was missing. I don’t know what.


Spicy neng myun was special. No idea what it meant or how to pronounce it, but it tasted nice lol.


The high?

Super high ceiling. Trendy setting. Comfy seats.

Friendly and knowledgeable waitrons.

Fabulous marinate flavour (sesame & garlic sirloin – totally nailed me)

Large variety on the menu (cater even for vegetarians)

Fun night out with friends. Interactive cooking / eating.


The lows?

The portions were DIRE small. Like £7 for under 100g of chicken small. **I am a 44kg, but I am quite sure I can eat 3-4 portions of their meat.

For a Korean restaurant, poor kimchi is just bad form.

KTV downstairs…

Everything (hair, jacket, bags etc) smells like Korean bbq afterward


For fun not for food.


How to get here?

Nearest tube station is Tottenhamcourt Road station

4 Central St Giles Piazza London WC2H 8AB
+44 20 7836 6577

Official site: http://superstarbbq.co.uk/


This is not a sponsored post (clearly).


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