I went to Bath for a dear friend’s wedding. What a beautiful town! This is a photo loaded post.

Bath 201505-32 Bath 201505-24 Bath 201505-23

Bath 201505-36

I don’t have an awful lot to say. The photos are self explanatory. Fabulous town for architectural photography and the accommodation price was so much more reasonable than London .

Bath 201505-66 Bath 201505-65 Bath 201505-63Bath 201505-64 Bath 201505-62 Bath 201505-61  Bath 201505-55 Bath 201505-54 Bath 201505-53 Bath 201505-68 Bath 201505-67 Bath 201505-31 Bath 201505-28 Bath 201505-27 Bath 201505-25

Below were photos taken in Cafe au Lait.

bath 201505-72 It was opposite the train station, 2 min walk from the bus station. Fabulous stop for before heading back to London / Stonehedge etc. Reasonably priced, friendly service and had free wifi & plugs.

BONUS!!! They offered luggage storage as well!!! (not free, but VERY convenient)

Bath 201505-49 Bath 201505-50 bath 201505-73 Bath 201505-52

Below were photos taken in Aqua. I don’t recommend this restaurant. They were incapable of cooking pork chop correctly (?!?!). Pork chop is one of the most forgiving piece of meat out there and they managed to mess that up into a dry, blend and hard piece of gunk. The chef was in denial too. Needless to say, I did not think they deserved to be paid for that dish. **below photos do not include that horrible pork dish (yuck)

Bath 201505-41 Bath 201505-42  Bath 201505-44 Bath 201505-45

I ate 2 bite from my pork dish; almost lost my jaw. I spent the rest of dinner drowning my sorrow with wine (very happy to do).

Bath 201505-40

I highly recommend sampling pastries in town. The below was from Pasty Presto. My word, their pies and cakes were good. Fabulous to just chill, surf the internet, read or blog. They had large benches upstairs. It was just cosy and pleasant.

Bath 201505-58 Bath 201505-59 Bath 201505-60 Bath 201505-57

Snaps from the wedding. My friend tided the knots inside the Roman Bath. This was a 8h00 (morning) wedding by the way. The guests had to ADORE the couple to pitch up. I literately landed in Heathrow 12 hours before the wedding. It was really just a weekend of pure friendship. *I LOVE attending weddings.

Bath 201505-14 Bath 201505-15 Bath 201505-16 Bath 201505-10 Bath 201505-6 Bath 201505-9

Bath 201505-12 Bath 201505-13

Bath 201505-18 Bath 201505-19 Bath 201505-20 Bath 201505-21

How to get here?

London – Bath

By bus – approximately 3 hours from London Victoria station. Buy in 2 weeks advance and you get get returned bus tickets for under £15!!

I used: http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx

Can also use the train – around 1.5 hours  from London Paddington station around £30 for return tickets. I haven’t bought train tickets online before, if anyone knows of a good site, please let me know and I’d add it to this post. Thanks.


Again, this is a personal experience sharing post. I don’t gain any economical benefit from any clicks to the links.


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  2. Always regret not visiting Bath while I was in UK. I must go..Such beautiful photos. Wedding sounds so lovely, love weddings 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Joy.

    Marie x

  3. I remember going there for an interview. I didn’t get the job. But I liked my brief stay there. 🙂 want to show my wife this place…

  4. Shih-Ya Huang Reply

    It was a lovely weekend and a mini Liu family reunion!

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