Craziness and I turned mega tourist haha. It was a day of Japanese food, games, cute stuff and cosplay. I liked this type of festival or exhibitions. It brought people together and acted out on their imagination in an environment where nothing was too crazy. In fact, go big or go home. This is a photo heavy post.

This was an INTENSELY informative tour!!! Margaret, the guide, was AMAZINGLY knowledgeable in history, the Buckingham Palace schedule and royal news (lol).


I was gobsmacked with information; in a good way. She knew the history so well. It was absolutely fascinating. It was definitely a 2 hours session well spent.


The tour started outside the Green Park station – 10h30.

Boras, Sweden, was once a busting textile city. Think factories. Well, now that the labour is too expensive, textile industry became a distant history for Sweden.


I’ve worked in the clothing / apparel business for over a decade now. To me, the museum had a very personally touch to it. There’s honestly nothing glamourous about the making of apparel, but it is an important industry that creates thousand of jobs (factories, shops and offices). The museum has a great touch to put things in perspective.