Spotted Hubble contact lens on Instagram. Their marketing was very catchy: 15 pairs for 1 euro, I couldn’t resist. What a bargain! I didn’t know that budget contact lens existed before I saw Hubble. Anyways, I have been struggling to get contact lens in France (aka. I don’t have doctor’s letter), so why not give Hubble contacts a try, right?

Something about my eyes

I have been wearing glasses since I was 5. My prescription is currently -11. Yes, I am legally blind, don’t remind me. Probably 20 years experience with contact lens? Previously tried acuvue (original, moist, trueye, oasys, define), air optix night & day, fresh look, soflens, seeds, costume lens etc… I do not use any eye drops.


If you prefer youtube, here’s the link. Otherwise, please keep reading 😉


Purchasing experience

Buying Hubble lens was very simple. Quite literally create an account and within minutes the order is confirmed. I received the delivery within 10 days. The box was small enough that it went straight into my mailbox and no need for me to fetch it from the post office. I like it that they can delivery  to me regularly instead of me having to either buy a bunch in advance or visit the store.


NB Unsubscribe asap you’ve processed your trial pack. Else, you’re automatically subscribed for another round of delivery (30 pairs). It is better that you try it out first and then resubscribe? I mean, what if you don’t like them and landed up with another 30 pairs.



The packaging was very cute! I loved the colourful box concept. It was a nice change from the typical lens sold at the optometrist. One thing that bothered me a little bit was that the white part of the box had a bit of greyish dirt. Nothing sticky or gross, it was just something that I noticed. In any case, the lens were secured in their individual packs, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

Hubble contact lens review
The packaging has everything that one expects: batch code, expiry date, prescription, base curve and diameter. All of which is also printed on the individual lens packaging. Yes, I am legally blind *LOL*

Country of origin

Made in Taiwan

Hubble contact lens review


It is not too thin and can easily tell whether it is the right side up. It reminds me of the first generation Acuvue daily disposables? It feels a tiny bit thinner than Acuvue Moist, no spongee-gel feeling like the Acuvue Trueye.



The big issue that I do have with Hubble lens is comfort. My eyes started to felt tight by the end of the day. The eye ball tightness situation was quite clear when I go to bed. I doubt that I can wear Hubble all day long on a daily basis. At best, I can probably wear Hubble 4 days a week? I am a bit too scared of forming blood vessels on the white of my eyeballs. So if I do end up using Hubble lens for the long run, I’ll either only wear them 4 full days a weeks or less than 6 hours daily.


Anyways, Hubble’s price is incredibly attractive! It is almost half the price of what I usually pay for Acuvue Moist daily. I must say, for the long run, Hubble does sound like an attractive option.


Do I recommend Hubble?

If you’re in a spot like me, aka no doctor’s letter or have difficulty in buying lens, yes, I do recommend Hubble. However, I strongly advise that you don’t wear Hubble daily and give your eyes a complete rest for 2-3 days a week. I don’t know, it just the eye ball tightness thing freaks me out.


Overall, I think Hubble lens’ comfort has left a lot to be desired. Once I get hold of a doctor’s letter, I will probably go back to Acuvue Moist or Acuvue Oasis.



Trial delivery comes in 2 boxes of 15 lens, 1 EUR (includes delivery).

Regular price 29.95 EUR / 30 pairs (includes delivery).


Official website




I bought the contact lens with my own money. No affiliation with the brand.


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Hubble contact lens review


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