Here’s to a new round of impressions. It’s been a while, I guess I started to be less sensitive to things?

Un: Patisserie packaging

No words needed, right? It is so cute how they wrap up cakes over here.

Deux: Strikes

Strange, for a country that has over 400 organised strike a year, there’re virtually ZERO strike country wide during summer. I guess strike organisation goes on summer vacation too. Strikes are somewhat considered a national sport over here.


This year’s key spring/summer strike events in Paris is probably SNCF. They do some sort of strike every week for a while.


Trois: Metro (subway) has no air conditioner

Didn’t notice this before, but surely do notice it now. Perfume and plenty of deodorant as if the stuff is free… I “love” them all. (faint)


Quatre: Way more sun here than London

This one is pretty obvious, but when I set down to think it to look at the situation. This is what I found. Here’s the foundation colour comparison. This photo says a thousand words. In short, if I ever wants to be Casper white again… move to back London LOL

Look at the colour of the foundation on my nose (that’s my shade when I was in London)!?!?! I am more of the 3 colour from the left now. Yes, I do have many foundations at home *LOL* Hi, my name is Joyce. I am a hoarder 😛

O, in case you wonder why my freckles look significantly darker in this photo. This photo was taken in Dec 2016, around the time I started using the Talika Light Duo +. <=== this link is for my review after 13+ months usage.

Cinq: Chimney students

This maybe just my school, but yikes, half my classmates smokes. Yup, they will go outside to brave the weather no matter what LOL On top of that, I cannot figure out how they can afford smoking. Cigarette pack in France cost around 8 euro (or more).

Six: Saucisson is a snack, but not considered a junk food

This one is quite hard to understand… this stuff is usually 75% fat. Honestly, if I read any food labels at all, my Doritos doesn’t sound so bad haha Don’t get me wrong, saucissons are seriously delicious.

Sept: Private schools are way more affordable than USA

The private schools here is just way cheaper than USA, especially the colleges. 10+ years ago, private college was USD38k per year, but over here, even top of the line private school MBA is USD16k per year.


Huit: Harassment law

Watch out, guys (men)! There’s a law that passed… whistle / catcall a woman can get your fined on the spot. Some are calling this a victory. Well, who is these law maker fooling? How will it be enforced exactly? Plus, this law is totally sending the message to sensible men to not approach any women without explicit written consent LOL (okay, maybe not written)


Neuf: Cheque books are still in use

Seriously, I just saw that happening in the supermarket. Cheque books still exist. I haven’t seen them forever.


Dix: Employment contracts are exceptional long

I have discovered that the standard internship contracts over here are longer, more elaborate than some of my old permanent employment contracts. I guess the French are either (a) really into writing (b) love to make things look more poetic.


So that’s it for this round 😀

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Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


  1. This saucisson is art! Who would call this junk food?

  2. Oh my gosh, I hated the Paris Metro! Stinky (like piss mostly), the air is so stale and just SITS – no circulation at all. My least favourite subway system that I’ve ridden on.
    I feel that in general, there are more smokers in European countries. I think there’s less of a negative association with smoking there than here? Also, smoking is quite expensive here due to taxes (on purpose to deter smoking).
    Do you feel more integrated into French culture now?

    • Sorry, Stashy, your comment went into spam again. This is a curse.

      Wahahahah exactly! metro = pee smell, especially at night. The high cigerette tax is clearly not dithering anyone over here. Hey, I am an eternal immigrant, never quite integrated anywhere, right? 😛 I am not fluent in French, it is too early to say whether I’m integrated haha culturally, it is not difficult, it is mainly the crazy language grammar. I mean, why does any language need 25 tenses + 6 different conjugation for every verb?

      • And never mind trying to remember the gender of nouns! 😭
        Yes, you’re a nomad…

        • O ja, don’t even get me started on the French gender issues. Lately, people are talking about making French more gender neutral or something… aka adding to more French confusion. Apparently some people (clearly thinking too much in my opinion) think that some words being masculine by default is sexist e.g. for the pronoun “they”, unless specified, the default is always the masculine “ils” that’s in use etc. Seriously, people needs to spend their time fighting other causes -_-:

  3. Great post, I love seeing the differences. I thought Paris weather was similar to London. I guess I need to move😂 x

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