Collecting makeup that I don’t use has plagued me for years. My husband only discovered this after 2 years of marriage. I hid it well. No one ever suspected. Especially because I hardly wear any makeup most days. Yes, SY, I am coming out of my closet. Came across StashMatters blog on her no buy journey. I finally feel that I’m strong enough to come out with it and put a stop to my silliness.

Stashy started off with 112 nail polishes in her collection and OMG so many other products. She’s not a makeup artist. When I read her post, I was like, “Yey! I am not so bad.”


The problem with this mentality was that I continue to buy based on the thought “I am not so bad”. What is a girl supposed to do when waiting at the airport? I couldn’t come to grips with doing a spreadsheet of all the products like Stashy did. I was like, I already purge products every 2 years (normally 30%-50% get tossed). I am okay and I don’t have an issue.


Problem is now, my goodies are no longer fitting into my four Ikea 22L boxes. I am too ashamed to show the actual photo of my boxes. Furthermore, as my friends have noticed, I don’t actually wear makeup daily. Why the hell do I buy all that makeup? It’s like I’m burning through money for no reason.

nail polish collection
I haven’t worn any nail polish for 9 months. I don’t know why I keep buying them and throwing them away at the same time.

Now now, I do get thrill from just smelling or looking at my makeup collection. Or weirder yet, I literately feel happy from smelling something like Too Faced chocolate bar palette. it doesn’t perform well over all Do you understand me? I get happy from just having it sitting there.


I can probably blame it on Youtube or consumerism etc. It doesn’t really hold, because I started collecting since I was a teen, before the internet. So I can only conclude that it is me who radicalise myself into buying stuff.


Moving forward, I will do a no buy for the next 6 months. Repeatedly watch Kimberly Clark Anti-Haul and stay calm! Cold turkey will be tough. I am doing a project pan for myself. Just testing my haul for a forthnight and put them back in my collection is not good enough. Yes to project pan.


***My Little Box subscription will continue. It’s the only “cosmetic fix” that’s I’m going to get.


How about you? Do you have a similar issue too? I do hope that I’m not alone.

project no buy
Again, I don’t know why I keep buying brushes. I just love having them.


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  1. I am guilty of this as well. I realized this past weekend that I tend to justify makeup purchases by buying travel sized or sale items.Thinking its not as bad as buying the products in full sized. HOWEVER as you pointed out I am still burning through money buying things that I absolutely DO NOT NEED. I did a project Pan myself earlier this year and am thinking about doing another one.

    • I so understand that. Those travel size items are evil! Most products look cuter in mini sizes too. Absolutely, I’ll head right over to your project pan 😉

      Thank you for dropping by xox

  2. Great post! I wouldn’t say I’m a makeup hoarder, but I did go a little crazy last year and the year before getting sucked into the hype of new makeup. I’m not on a strict ban, but I am making more conscious choices and doing some Project Pans as well. Good luck!

    • Thank you for dropping by, Christina. I got sucked in all by myself >_< I am just guilty of radicalising myself into buying stuff. I have to do a strict ban because I am just bad. I start with one item and then it will just roll up into a basket. If you want a laugh, here’s my confession like an AA. 😛

  3. Haha you’re a closeted hoarder! My SO was fully aware of my makeup hoarding tendencies when he first started dating me. I had a makeup battle station including drawers of nail polishes. It has only grown through the years and it doesn’t help that we’ve lived at our current place for 7 years… I do find that moving regularly helps me to purge a lot of what I haven’t touched in YEARS. 😮

    You’re not the first person to say “hey I don’t have a problem, just look at HER stash!” 😆 At least I DO wear makeup and nail polish on a regular basis! 😛 But LOL “Some brush has never been used” YUP, ME TOO.

    Good luck with your no-buy! It’s most challenging in the beginning – just like any new habits, it takes time to form and with practice, it becomes second nature! 😀

    • Wahaha Your SO is fully aware the whole time! Good for him. Well, I was hiding.

      Yes, I’ll need loads of luck for going cold turkey. Be strong and be focused haha. I am trying to figure out what to do for project pan.

  4. Shih-Ya Huang Reply

    I would be SO interested to see the spreadsheet of all your stash though….

  5. Shih-Ya Huang Reply

    Joyce! I’m so happy you have finally acknowledged your problem!!! Acceptance is the first step… :p
    Every time I have spend over USD100 in one go on makeup was when I was in your company for more than 24 hours…. your influence is strong…. even when you are not here…aka enough Bare Mineral foundation to last me until end of 2018.

    • Yes, I am sorry. I am acknowledging it now. 10 years late, but I’m getting there. I really need to stop chatting about cosmetic with friends. It’s powder product, I’m sure you’ll be fine 😛

  6. Same! So glad I’m not alone!
    I’m no make-up artist or wear makeup daily and yet I love buying make-up. I’ve put a stop to it lately and only buy things if it’s run out.
    And I noticed I’m really lazy with nail-polish…I’ll walk around with really chipped nail-polish and be disgusted by it but not do anything. These days I just use hand-cream and keep my nails tidy.

    • Yey!!! Exactly! I hit so few pans and even few lippies. I feel so bad for wasting money.

      I have hand creams, but I just don’t use them. Not sure if I am any better.

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