Month: September 2016

Landed in Paris 😊 

I have just moved to Paris! No internet at home yet. Living in the dark ages, my friends. Currently using ‘borrowed wifi’. Will reply to your comments asap. Fellow bloggers, I will catch up on your blogs 😉 I have scheduled posts for every Friday up to the end of the month. The UK travel posts are in draft mode. Slowly catching up on those. Keep writing, writing… Apologies that I have not posted on My Little Box September 2016 (UK) or the Graze box (UK). These will be posted once I have internet connection. I did not get Japan Funbox for Sept, was unable to sort out my address before the deadline. I have subscribed for October delivery. This concludes my update 🙇  Bisous 😊 xox Joyce Belfort

Chislehurst cave – Kent, UK

It was a city get away that I highly cherished. Stunning experience! It was just a train ride away in London zone 6 rail. This was 45min cave tour lead by a wonderful guide / actor / entertainer, Peter. He sang, bellowed and whispered stories of druids, people and ghost that stayed in this same cave. In the darkness, let the imagination ran wild…