The vlog that I won this awesome snack from was… Hello Toyama (by Lawrence).


Lawrence’s vlog is a video journal of his daily life in Toyama (a small town in Japan). His vlog is a beautiful portrait of appreciating small details living in Japan. I have been following his vlog since last year? Toyama region is not easily accessible and this is one of key attraction for me following his vlog. He made Toyama more ‘accessible’. 😀

Lawrence is bilingual in Japanese and English.

Lawrence from
Lawrence from / photograph found on his blog



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  1. Oh wow! Your first vlog! Congrats! I love the matcha flavor Kitkat! Japan has all kinds of awesome kit kat flavor!

  2. Great win Grace, I love sake but a kit kat ????? anyway enjoy. I have been through Toyama twice , small town not much action. He must be an English teacher sent there?

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