Combination/Dehydrated skin

  • Dry cheeks & forehead – Autumn / winter feels tight,  occasional dry flakes. Spring summer is normal
  • Moderately oily nose – Shiny by 5 hours after wash
  • My apples have started to deflate
  • Does not have any visible lines around my eyes
  • Dehydration lines on cheek area when moisturisers “fade”

Major skin concerns

  • Blackheads / whiteheads, pores on my nose and between brows
  • Autumn/Winter dehydration lines near my mouth if I don’t moisturise like crazy
  • Occasional dark shadows under my eyes (not quite blue yet, but it bothers me)
  • Monthy breakout visitors on my chin or forehead
  • Often breakout near my eye brows (odd place, I know)
  • I have way bigger freckles on my right cheek than my left
  • Crazy crack lips – more of my friends’ concerns than me wahahaha

No makeup. Bare face close up. Left cheek.

Foundation colours


This is 100% natural curl. Frizz / curl tightness changes from day to day. Wearing L’oreal Lumi cushion foundation 03 vanilla & no other make up. Natural lighting from the window.


Natually intense black, curly and coarse; teamed with oily scalp and dry ends. I have made peace with my frizz. I don’t use any expensive hair products unless they’re freebies. Will not consider any hair product beyond the price of Lush hair shampoo bar or Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo #3.



Always short – either round shape or squarish. Very strong nails (I can open cartons with my nails without breaking them) I have a steady hand and know how to do my own gel nails. I never cut my cuticles. Largely too lazy to care, but I do like buying / collecting nail polishes.


Favourite beauty blog

My all time favourite beauty blog is: Stashy is thorough with her products and she has a crazy stash lol. Most importantly, I can relate to her comments for many products. Her skin tone NC20-NC25 and concerns are practically the same as me.


In general, I stop reading asap when the person sounds mild in her / his opinion. I do prefer mega negative (even swear) reviews than the CRAZY over the top magical/best/love everything reviews.



  1. I am obsessed with checking country of origin.
  2. I do not use or buy any lip product that is made in China / PRC. I do not keep any in my stash either. I only have this issue with lip products. Solely because of the high potential of eating the product.
  3. I do compare ingredients list between my previous purchase vs the repurchase.
  4. I HATE brands/products that poised themselves as ‘high end’ but make their goods in China.
  5. “Not tested on animals” is not a purchase determinant.

Left: Bare face

Right: Full on cake face by MAC




  1. Aw I just read this. How sweet of you to link to my blog! 🙂
    I swear I could have written your Quirks section myself! EXACTLY ME!
    I think my skintone is just ever slightly fairer than yours as MAC Face & Body C2 is slightly too dark / ochre for me.
    Love your make over at MAC! You look like a woodland creature! XD

    • Joyce Belfort

      Wahaha, turns out I am your tanned doppelganger LOL Thanks 😀 I tried to recreate that look at home, it took me 30min sigh

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