Month: March 2016

Yokai (monster) town… Sakaiminato

The whole town is themed up to the spooky comedy manga, Gegege no Kitaro (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎). This manga series is a Japanese classic from the 1960s, drawn by Mr Shigeru Mizuki. The story line is based on a collection of Japanese folklore and local superstitions. It essentially gained cult status and hence the crazy town & train line for this manga. Yup, the manga fixtures are all PERMANENT. The theme runs strong from the moment I set foot onto the Yonago train platform… *big load of photos alert*

hellotoyama sake kit kat giveawa

I won!!! Sake Kit Kat from Japan :D

The vlog that I won this awesome snack from was… Hello Toyama (by Lawrence).   Lawrence’s vlog is a video journal of his daily life in Toyama (a small town in Japan). His vlog is a beautiful portrait of appreciating small details living in Japan. I have been following his vlog since last year? Toyama region is not easily accessible and this is one of key attraction for me following his vlog. He made Toyama more ‘accessible’. 😀 Lawrence is bilingual in Japanese and English.     Please be a sweetheart & follow one of my social media xox Bloglovin’ / Google+ / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest    

Walk tour – Westminster, London

This was an INTENSELY informative tour!!! Margaret, the guide, was AMAZINGLY knowledgeable in history, the Buckingham Palace schedule and royal news (lol).   I was gobsmacked with information; in a good way. She knew the history so well. It was absolutely fascinating. It was definitely a 2 hours session well spent.   The tour started outside the Green Park station – 10h30.