Sponsorship and advertisement

Please note that all booking.com are affiliate links. As some of them are banners, I am unable to label them individually (there isn’t the option to do so). I do mark them with <booking.com is an affiliated link>  wherever I have the option to do so.

**Affiliate link – if you complete a transaction using my affiliate link, I’ll earn a commission. This is of no cost to you.

If there are other clicks that will result in economical benefit (free gift, voucher, money etc.), I will label and state them on the individual post (label next to the link or immediately below/above). I only place affiliate links from sites that I have already spent money on. I personally consider PR (free) sample that came with affiliate link is a form of sponsored post, because the relationship gives incentive to sell the product/service. If this occasion ever happens, I will state this type of relationship explicitly as well. I am against murkiness. Readers have the right to know if there’s any incentive behind the post besides random sharing.

Adsense advertisement

I got approved by Google Adsense! As of 24th May 2017, there will be a variety of advert banners displayed on my blog.

The variety of adverts shown are not selected by me. Please note that Google and its partners use cookies to serve ads based on user’s previous visits (browse history). You can opt out of personalised advertising by visiting Ads Settings or www.aboutads.info


Nature of my site

My blog is a diary and various thoughts that interest me. My blog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer, ex-employer or anyone else. It is solely my opinion. I will like to emphasis that this is MY blog. I write whatever the hell I want.

I paid for everything with my money (or hubby’s). If I did not pay for it, I will state it clearly even if it was a treat from a friend or family member (will state clearly if I choose the present myself). I strongly believe that items that I’ve made a conscious choice of spending my money tends to get more scrutiny from me.

While I do not delete non-spam comments (haters, you’re welcomed), it does not mean that I agree or support those comments. I am not responsible for the contents in the comment section.

Terms of use

Information provide by my blog is based on what I knew at the time. I try my best to provide the most accurate information available to me. However, shit and changes do happen. I am human and is susceptible to error. Use my information at your own risk. I do highly recommend cross referencing the official sites, which is why they’re often featured in my posts. I will not be liable for any losses, injuries, damages, allergies, sadness, obsessions etc resulting from utilising information from my blog.

If you find any incorrect facts on my site, please do alert me. I will highly appreciate the gesture and will change it immediately. Please note, this refers to FACTS only e.g. incorrect name, country of origin, missing information, typo etc, that type of error. I will not change my opinion / comment on a product, restaurant etc.

Hold harmless clause

My blog is for entertainment purposes only. I share my opinion and my findings. I do not provide legal, medical or other professional advice.

All rights reserve

Do not copy my posts. Plagiarism is illegal! Support original work.

All photos watermarked with “localgirlforeignland.com” are owned by me. If you wish to used it with my watermark, there is no need to contact me for permission; though it will be nice to hear from you. For any edit to photos, including cropping/filter/sticker etc., please contact me via localgirlforeignland@gmail.com for permission. If you’ll use my photos in any commercially capacity, please contact me first.

Download anything (e.g. jpg, pdf etc) from my site at your own risk. I will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from a corrupted or damaged file.

****Occasionally, I do use images that are not created by me. I will ALWAYS state the original source. If you’re the owner of those photos and you wish me to remove them, please contact me.****

Private communication with me

All emails, direct messages and text will be treated as private. I will not share the content of these communications. I hope you will honour the same. Unless we mutually agree to disclose our private communication to a third party / publicly, please keep these private communications private.