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I have internet at home!!!! (update)

At last! I feel like this is an important announcement. I have waited 5 whole weeks for this to happen. It takes 2 appointments and 2 guys to fix this up. FINALLY!!!! I thought South Africa was bad, but France is right up there too. It felt as if I was supposed to have applied for internet around the same time as my immigration documents *LOL* Thank you all for your patience xox

Landed in Paris 😊 

I have just moved to Paris! No internet at home yet. Living in the dark ages, my friends. Currently using ‘borrowed wifi’. Will reply to your comments asap. Fellow bloggers, I will catch up on your blogs 😉 I have scheduled posts for every Friday up to the end of the month. The UK travel posts are in draft mode. Slowly catching up on those. Keep writing, writing… Apologies that I have not posted on My Little Box September 2016 (UK) or the Graze box (UK). These will be posted once I have internet connection. I did not get Japan Funbox for Sept, was unable to sort out my address before the deadline. I have subscribed for October delivery. This concludes my update 🙇  Bisous 😊 xox Joyce Belfort

Liebster Award #2

Thank you & a loud shout out to Travel Osio for the nomination. Very kind of you. Thank you.   I feel tremendously lucky to be nominated a 2nd time within my 1st year of blogging. How warm and fuzzy does this community get? 😀 Alrighty, fellow blogging peers, I am sure that you know the drill and I will dive right into it.

1st Birthday! Blogversary :D

YEY!!! 1 year in blogging!!! Local Girl Foreign Land is now 1 years old. Thank you all for being here!!!     My first post was actually a food post Cooking at Ecole Institut Paul Bocuse *lol* which was pretty ridiculous on my part since I started this blog with travel in my mind. I guess it happens to all newbies, right?   Quick glance at my goals… ops… I did not reach that magic 1000 subscribers. *lol* I just keep on writing writing writing… Will reach that someday 😀 Stat report: 10,268 hits & 4009 visitors *3rd June 18h00 UK time.   Looks like Japan is really my thing. 35 out of 105 posts so far are Japan travel related. I didn’t derail completely from my initial goals.   Thank you for reading and MEGA thanks to those who stay tuned. APP used for creating these images: Miitomo (Nintendo) I love this game 😀   Please be a sweetheart & follow one of my social media xox Bloglovin’ / Google+ / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest