Blogs that I love

Lawrence – Hello Toyama now called Hello Kyoto (youtube), because he has relocated. He’s an English teacher living in Japan. He makes GORGEOUS lifestyle vlogs with STUNNING editorial effects.


Little Lai – I love his free flow, practical travel approach. He says things like they are and he also laces his posts with some emotional sentiment. He travels on a reasonable budget. His blog is practical and is not offensively commercial.

This photo belongs to Little Lai, I’m using this as a teaser 😉


Pen Pen – This friendly giant is a carefree, anything goes traveler. He even took a train from China to Europe!!! FIERCE traveler. His beams off cheerfulness in French. Did I mention that he can eat a LOT? O, he only writes in French though. However, his PHOTOS are AMAZING!!!

Photo belongs to Penpen.

Haiku Hound – Denis blogs haiku and shares wonderful snippets. Captivating synopsis. I battle to describe his blog. It’s one of those feeling good blogs? 😀 Pop over to Denis’ already!

Source: This was mother nature! Look at that powerful geyser!


Stashy – My doppelganger from Toronto ! She is a psychotic OCD beauty stash, hence her blog title is “Stash Matters”. Her verdicts are virtually the same as mine when it comes to beauty products. I am totally obsessed reading her blog LOL She’s meticulous with all her posts. She has serious attention to details. I even go back in time to read her old posts wahaha.

Image is from Stashy’s site.


Rachael S – She is my photo inspiration and my unboxing partner in crime. Her sets are always inspiring to me. Though she has a very different skin type to me, her reviews are always opinionated and fun to read.


Cat F. – She is a podcast fiend! Her podcast, my lip addiction is THE bomb! She cohost this with Stashy. Superbly funny and takes beauty blogging to a whole new level. Cat is incredibly talented and she has taught me many things about blogging and social media. Amazingly supportive of fellow bloggers and women. Pop over for some girl power posts from this Canadian bblogger.

Top CA destination for all beauty nerds!!! This is one of my favourite post from Cat