1. My opinion is completely subjective to my experience.
  2. All trips and products listed on my site were bought with my money unless stated otherwise.
  3. I will state it clearly even if it was a treat from a friend or family member.
  4. 99% of the time, I will use my own photos. When I do use photos that are not taken by me, I will state it clearly. If you’re the owner of that photo and you wish me to remove it, please contact me.
  5. I am a cooking enthusiast and not a sommelier.
  6. If you find any incorrect facts on my site, please do alert me. I will highly appreciate the gesture and will change it immediately. Please note, this refers to FACTS only e.g. incorrect name, country of origin, missing information, typo etc, that type of error. I will not change my opinion / comment on a product, restaurant etc.