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My new life in France. Sharing my discovery and mischief :P

French 101: how to Raclette?

No matter how popular this ‘activity’ is in France. It was actually of Swiss origin. The just of raclette is… eat as much melted cheese as humanly possible. Welcome to my new series about how to integrate better in France! I hope this series will capture my journey as a new immigrant here in Paris.

French 101: Gallette des Rois, King cake

Fun and games with food, but don’t joke. French will never joke about food 😉 Gallette des Rois is a traditional dessert ‘game’. There’s a hidden ‘toy’ of sort inside the cake. The person who ends up with the toy is the King. This is a traditional eat for the first New Year weekend; modern way: any time in January or even in December.

1st month in Paris… 10 highlights

Starting a new chapter in Paris! Never imagined that I’ll land up here. I grew up in South Africa and spoke no French. Ended up meeting my French spouse while working in Shanghai. My hubby speaks perfect English. Well, it has been deteriorating since we returned to France. So here I am, pondering upon my life while waiting for the internet man to show up. *He still has not shown up. It has been 3 weeks. #$@%!@$#!   Here are my 10 impressions / 1st month highlights.

Intensive French course… my in-laws

Right now (time of writing), I am at my hubby’s grandma’s. This course means ‘business’. I am in Prefailles, a seaside French town. It is more like Intensive PLUS infinity crash course. O, and I am alone without my husband. Let’s review on what I have learnt during my 10 days immersion course. I summarised them into 3 points.