Harness, maybe some gloves and I was all set! Tarzan time!!! Swing in the trees, crawl inside a barrel, walk on ropes and all the other childhood fantasies sprang into life.

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The rules were basic. 2 clips and 1 pulley. At all times, there will be at least 1 clip on the line. If the instructors caught you not following this simple rule twice, you will be instructed to leave the property. There were various levels of difficulties – yellow, orange, green, blue, red, black. The higher level ones were VERY high above ground, 10m+, not for people with acrophobia for sure. 20min to 60min courses. Once in the park, can do any many courses as stamina allows.

This was a children friendly facility. My nieces and nephew had great fun. The 3 years old was a bit sad because she wasn’t allowed for the green course (needed to be 1.35m or taller) and was grumpy for the rest of the day. The other 7 years old were having a ball. Endless supply of energy was the key to their success. My father in law did not miss out either and joined in. All 4 adults were out run by the 4 kids.



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How to get here?

Hauterives, France

Nearest major city is Grenoble / Valence.

By car – driving (no public transport available)

Website is in French only, but some of their staff did speak English.

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