This is my favourite category. Explore 26 prefectures of Japan with me… there are 21 more to go.

At this farm, wasabi plant get bathed in Hotaka alps fresh water 24/7 and their very own sun shades. How’s that for a life, huh?

Daio wasabi farm

Hotaka 穂高 (Azumino city 安曇野市), 30min train ride from Matsumoto. This small town is a hidden gem. Mainly farms and well maintained hikes. Nature is all over here. Their main attraction here is undoubtedly the Daio Wasabi Farm 大王わさび農場. This is one of the largest wasabi farm in Japan.

Typhoon? Nothing stops me, I had an indestructible jacket.

Nagasaki doesn’t feel very Japan really. Walk around the streets 1 block from the harbour and there were Dutch, Chinese and British colonial building (even an HSBC!). Well it is reasonable given that it is the first window to the world for Japan. Even the road sign isn’t the Japanese style that I’d expect (aka Kyoto style).