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Environment: Lovely warm ambiance. Spacious and high ceiling. Toilet was spacious too; can improve by applying more diligence.



Service: Great! Attentive and they even held the wine bottle properly (At last, someone who actually knew how to waiter properly)


Food: They messed up my tuna steak – over cooked, way too much salt AND managed to make the fish texture hard (from dehydration?)  🙁

Bocconcino, London

Fondant au chocolate – Tasted good, the plating was a bit sad.

Bocconcino, London

In short: elegant environment, lovely service, overpriced… and atlas, mediocre if not poorly made cuisine. Will not return for sure.


How to get here?

Nearest tube: Green Park station


Blanket rule:

Bring some dear friends. Good company is the best recipe for any fab restaurant expe


rience 🙂 I had a great time; you know who you are 😛



I personally take cooking very seriously. However, food is a very personal experience and taste is a subjective fickle matter.


Need I say that this was not a sponsored post?


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This was my first Japan funbox subscription. I was totally excited about getting one of these because I ADORE Japanese junk food! Japan Funbox was sent directly to UK from Japan; in fact send to anywhere in the world. They had 3 box sizes to choose from. I chose the smallest one, it is called the ‘Mini’. Time to unbox 😀

My blog will continue to be 99% about travel 🙂 Got to admit that this is a WEIRD entry for my blog. This is my 4th box 😀 I am loving it!! My Little Box UK. Why the strange post? It just that there are so few ‘My Little Box’ English posts going around and I am getting a frustrated looking around to share the experience.